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A Proven Tool to:

  • Increase Your Sales & Your Brand Trust

  • Augment Your Brand Exposure & Awareness

  • Strengthen Your Customer-Brand Relationship!

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    Your website is suffering from a high bounce rate and is not converting well enough, here is the exact tool used by the best websites to expand their brand exposure and get more clients.

    Popular website owners have faced the same problems you´re experiencing now, but they found this super-easy to use app to improve search rankings, build a popular brand in their niche, and get more sales.

    Our 5-star Reviews App is a guaranteed tool to help convert visitors into buyers by displaying your best reviews that prove your authenticity. It is like putting your Best Foot Forward!

    Why Do You Need A 5-Star Review App?

    According to a Spiegel Research Center Survey:

    Displaying 5 Star Online Reviews Can Increase Conversions 250%+

    Spiegel Research Center Discovered that:

    Testimonial Pages DO NOT WORK ANYMORE!
  • Only 11% Of Visitors Visit A Testimonial Page

  • Testimonial Pages Don't Work Anymore

  • "72% Of Consumers Report They ONLY PAY ATTENTION To Reviews Written In The Last 30 Days"

  • This means that you can influence and convert more of your traffic if 100% of your visitors can see your great service by reading the experiences of your best customers!

    What's Our Solution?

    We Create A 5 Star Review App For All Of Your Webpages That Will Scroll Through 25 of Your Latest Online Reviews and Provide a Web Communications System for Your Visitors to be able to Talk to you WHILE on Your Website!!!

    Shows Reviews are Verified!

    Colors can Match Your Site!

    Inspires New Visitors To Choose Your Company!

    Can Include Reviewers Photos! (if exists on review)

    Free 14 Day Free Trial!

    How Does It Work?

    See our live streaming reviews on the bottom right.
    Our Real Reviews, Streaming to this page!

    And see our communications system on the bottom left.
    You can test how our communications system works
    by communicating with us now while you are
    on this website!!!


    100% of ALL Visitors will see your great service by
    reading the experiences of your best customers!

    Our App lets them know they can get 5-star service from
    you as well.

    Plus they can have you call them or text you
    right while they are on your website.
    This is the best way to get them to become your customer!

    Our Team will add your new 5 star reviews Every Day and
    Always showcase Your Most Recent Twenty-Five 5-Star Reviews!

    Only 2 Plans to Choose From!

    Google Reviews Only - $49/month


    Google PLUS 39 other Review Sites (Like Yelp, Facebook, etc) - $99/month

    Pick Your Plan!
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    Stay Ahead Of The Competition With
    These Amazing Features....

    Stream a BADGE with your Freshest
    5-Star Reviews!

    Draws the Eyes of EVERY website Visitor!

    With a strong call to action on every web page, in one click your potential
    customers will be able to take the action you want them to take!

     All the Complicated Work is DONE FOR YOU!

    We create the code, you install it (Or we can install it for you too! [optional])

    Other features of the widget:

    Scheduling an Appointment: You can choose this to get your website
    visitors to schedule an appointment with you directly on your
    calendar system...

    Online Ordering: With one click your visitor can go to an
    Online Menu of yours (if you have one).

    The Opportunities are Endless and Can be Changed Monthly!

    14 Day FREE Trial!

    Only Show 5 Star Verified Reviews

    You have just ONE Shot to make a 1st impression for first time visitors
    finding your website and when over 90% of consumers read reviews
    before contacting a business this is CRITICAL!

    Social Proof like online reviews are the best way to show
    new visitors the type of great experience they will receive
    by doing business with YOUR COMPANY!

    14 Day FREE Trial!


    BONUS 1:

    One (1) 30 second video of a real review from a Past customer of yours, online!

    This is a 30 Second Review Introduction Video.

    See a Sample: We produced a video just to show you a similar look and feel of one of these videos, however, it will be 100% customized to YOUR Company, with YOUR Real Review from someone online! See it here:



    BONUS 2:

    For Social Media users, we have a Fun Surprise for you!

    We will create an attention-grabbing social media cover for your brand to increase
    your presence in the market.

    The cover allows you to reach your followers so you can SKYROCKET your sales.
    We´ve made already one for others and we can do it for you too.

    Here's one I had my team make just to show you how
    good and clean they can look:

    New Design to show how clean and great they can look

    Is Covid-19 Killing your Business? Here is a Covid Safety Sample Cover
    To Tell People Your Safety Protocols

    Covid-19 Cover to show safety

    You would have to pay a Graphic Designer up to $497 to create
    this quality of a converting cover image for your Facebook!
    We will give you a cover, ready to use, 100% FREE as a bonus!
    (It will be 100% unique to YOUR Company!)


    Bonus 3 (Google Plus Plan Only):

    An ADA Compliance App to prevent you from
    getting sued for not being ADA Compliant!

    See Ours On this Page! (Click the Wheel chair)
    Allows People with Sight Impairment to Read
    Your Website by having it read outloud to them! 


    A Surprise Bonus awaits you. The value is upward of $397!!!




    Your Reviews are made by your own customers! This means that new potential customers will be more likely to trust reviews over anything else.

    Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    Reviews are PUBLIC REFERRALS!

    If it's hard to find your reviews or the first thing that pops up is a Bad Review, it might turn off potential customers from your business! So, just show your 5 Star Reviews right on your website!

    Chantelle Jones

    Chantelle Jones
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